bOUTDOORS was established with the goal of offering hand picked quality products for folks who like to be outdoors a bit....or a lot...or even just sometimes.

Nowadays you can get stuff almost anywhere, from almost anyone, so the options can often be overwhelming. If you want to try and get it right first time then it can also be quite time consuming systematically "drilling down" into each product offering to get a feeling if it really would be up to your expectations beyond just a face value marketing blurb, some specifications and a price tag.

Here at bOUTDOORS we have a real emphasis on "Best In Class" products so that if you are looking for something to do the job well then you can rest assured that we have done our homework, and often product testing as well, to make sure that you will not be disappointed.   

We are also here to help too with suggestions if you aren't quite sure what product would be best suited for you application. 

Well, that's a bit about us and "how we roll". Thank you for visiting and we hope to be of value to you both now and in the future.

Kind regards


The team at bOUTDOORS