BBQ Reviews & Ratings 2018

BBQ Reviews & Ratings for 2018

Canstar Blue survey people who have recently purchased an item, in this case a BBQ, and compile their results from that data. And here are the results....

Most Satisfied Customers | Ziegler & Brown

Ziegler & Brown has roasted the competition in Canstar Blue’s 2018 customer ratings for barbecues, scoring five-star reviews on cooking performance, design, durability, ease of cleaning, ease of use and overall satisfaction.

Ziegler & Brown cooks up a storm in BBQ ratings

Canstar Blue surveyed hundreds of Aussie households that have recently purchased and used a new BBQ, with their feedback reflected by the star ratings above.

This years ratings were dominated by Australian brand Ziegler & Brown who achieved 5 stars for overall customer satisfaction, as well as cooking performance, design, durability, ease of cleaning and ease of use. Ziegler & Brown also received four stars in two other categories ie. value for money & extra features.

There were eight brands which received the minimum sample size to be included in the BBQ review for 2018. The results in order of overall satisfaction are:

  • 1st Ziegler & Brown
  • 2nd Weber
  • 3rd Jumbuck
  • 4th Matador
  • 5th Gasmate
  • 6th BeefEater
  • 7th Billabong
  • 8th Beefmaster

Weber, Gasmate, Jumbuck, Matador and BeefEater had to settle on 4 stars overall. Beefmaster and Billabong received 3 stars.

To see the full review go to the pdf file