Big Green Egg - Introduction to the Phenomenon

The Big Green Egg is a Ceramic cooker based on the Japanese Kamado Style Cooker that has been around for more than 3,000 years. The cooker is shaped like a Big Egg and as it is green in colour it was named what it looke like...a Big Green Egg.

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Kamado style cookers are a fast growing category when it come to BBQs and the Big Green Egg brand is the most popular in the world. Just see below for an image of the setup at one of the Eggtoberfest events in the USA and you will soon start to realise that there is almots a cult of people out there who are into their Eggs. So much so that they have even been dubbed with the name "Eggheads" and have their own forum where you can go to lookup almost anything at all to do with Eggs. You can check them out here at .

These Big Green Egg ceramic cookers use 100% natural lump charcoal as fuel.

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Once the fuel is ignited (with 100% natural combustible starters or electric hair dryers on steroids that act like a heat gun to get the charcoal started) then the temperature is regulated with an upper and lower vent.


You can control the temperature to cook anything from low'n'slow to searing hot and everything in between simply by adjusting the vents. When you have finished your cooking session simply close off the vents and this snubs out the charcoal. Any fuel (charcoal) remaining is still there and can be ignited the next time you wish to cook or more new fuel added. You can change the finished product flavour by adding wood chunks to the fuel like Apple, Pear, Manuka etc... eg. adding a couple of chunks of Tawa when cooking Salmon can give it a golden finish very impressive for presentation purposes whilst Apple chunks are great added for chicked or pork.

Big Green Egg Ceramic Cookers can Roast, Bake, Grill, Sear and Smoke making them teh most versatile cooking device available. Cook anything from a low'n'slow cooked pork shoulder for pulled pork sandwiches to searing hot for steaks or pizzas and everything else in between. Cook dishes that no oven or gas grill can replicate. See below for some of the amazing things that can be cooked on the Big Green Egg.

There are litterally Zillions of recipes on the internet for the Big Green Egg. The main US website has a bunch but I quite like the ones on the Big Green Egg European website at... . Check them out if you get a chance...but bring your bib as you may drool a bit.

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